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Saturday, September 09, 2006


Q : Since you claim you're the real thing, is it true that Mexicans call the gringos gabachos ? El Chicano Barato.

ANSWER : qui'hubo Chicano Barato, is just a real fantasy that we Mexicans call the gringos, gabachos. Just because some guy outhere is trying to confuse la raza and los gringos at the same time, saying such pendejada. The reality is, if you go to el barrio Pico Union or to East LA , you're not gonna find a single soul calling gringos gabachos.

Just because we are as diverse as any group of people, if you ask the los broncos from el Norte in Mexico, you'll find out that they call the gabachos, gringos. And that is true for the rest of Mexico as well, just ask to any chilango or paisita and she/he will tell you.